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People are very particular about their health or food. Majority of them want to hit the best gym in the city or hire one of the top trainers to build muscle mass. Even for renovation of their house, they hire experienced and skilled vendors but as far as Locksmith Service is concerned, they take it too casually. If the locks at the home or office malfunction, people try to replace and install them on their own, making a huge mistake in the process. Instead of following the DIY strategy, they should contact the security professionals that can rectify the defective locks no matter how technologically advanced they are. A poorly or amateurishly installed lock will do more harm than good to the security of the premises as burglars can make light work of them while breaking inside. So, to avoid such unpleasant situations where life and property are at stake, call Master Lock Key Store and get the best quality Locksmith Service available in Seattle, WA.


Multifaceted locksmith service:

We are a 360 degree security company offering locksmith solutions to automobiles, homes and offices. Our professionals are single point of contacts to resolve the problem irrespective of the complexity and the technical domain. Master Lock Key Store has created benchmarks of sorts with expertise in resizing the keys and fixing broken ignition systems with top class efficiency. We are super efficient in duplicating the keys and can program the transponder versions with perfect ease and within double quick time. All you have to do is to give us a call and watch our performance.

24/7 Emergency locksmith service

Since our inception, we are at the forefront of assisting the customers during times of distress. Round the clock locksmith service ensures that you do not end up locked outside the home, office or your car. What we do is send top of the line professionals anywhere in the Seattle, WA area where the client is facing immediate issue. They get down to work immediately upon arrival and resolve the most complex locksmith problems within the shortest possible time. Thus, we do not allow panic to set in among the clients by providing reliable and timely services on the spot.

Master Lock Key Store Seattle, WA 206-801-9920Locksmith Service highlights:

  • No matter how complex the keys, they are duplicated with high-tech equipment
  • Suggestions to improve the existing security system
  • Timely resolution of the locksmith issues
  • Round the clock emergency services
  • Lock repair, installation and eviction services